Which coffee fits your personality

Which coffee fits your personality?

From a simple cup of Black Cold Brew to a fancy Affogato for dessert, the possibilities are endless with just a shot of coffee.

which coffee fits your personality

As it turns out, your choice of coffee could be linked to your character traits, which is why we’re here to give you a coffee recommendation by personality type! Read on to find out which of the six Infuso Black Brew coffee creations is your coffee match!

Which coffee fits your personality?

The Disciplined One – Black Coffee

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You are always punctual and extremely self-disciplined. You are results-driven and prefer a minimalistic approach to life. This makes a simple and fuss-free cup of Cold Brew Coffee your perfect match. It’s easy to make and the pure, refreshing taste of black coffee is your energy booster for a productive day ahead.

The Socialite – Iced Coffee Latte

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Often known as the social butterfly among your group of friends, you are outgoing and gets along well with anyone and everyone. On top of your strong social skills, you are also empathetic and easily resonates with the feelings of others. Your easy-going charm is just like smooth milk that blends seamlessly with coffee to form an aromatic cup of Iced Coffee Latte.

The Trendsetter – Iced Coconut Americano

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You are always up to date with the latest news and popular hits, often staying at the forefront of what’s trending. A bold creation like the Iced Coconut Americano is a fashionable delight for the trendsetters! Enjoy the taste of iced black coffee with a hint of natural sweetness from the coconut. This drink is a must-try for those who are adventurous and full of imagination.

The Optimist – Affogato

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You are just like a burst of sunshine – radiant and positive. You bring life to the party and never fail to inject your sense of humour and energy to the atmosphere. With a bright and outgoing personality, you are just like the Affogato – bringing sweetness and happiness to those around you.

The Unconventional Thinker – Coffee Iced Cubes Latte

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Are you a deep thinker that is often coming up with wild and unimaginable ideas? Be it at work or in life, you tend to stray away from tradition and prefer adopting unconventional methods to achieve your goals. Making coffee ice cubes is probably not the “usual” way of making coffee, which is why the Coffee Iced Cubes Latte matches your unique personality. If you have a penchant for the extraordinary, this drink will definitely impress you.

The Listener – Coffee Mocha

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You have a gentle and easy-going nature, and your ideal retreat is spending a slow day at home. You are a great listener to others and your comforting personality is just like a warm cup of Coffee Mocha. Your ability to be patient and considerate causes people to naturally feel comfortable, content and at peace around you.

*The above is meant for a light-hearted read and may or may not be an accurate reflection. Give the recipes a try and let us know what you think!

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Every drink featured was lovingly crafted with the Infuso Black Brew – a premium drip bag coffee made with 100% Arabica coffee beans.

yiwen's black brew coffee review

“I love the aroma of coffee that hits me the moment I tear open the filter bag. 😍 It has a smooth texture with a rich taste without being bitter or acidic!” — Yiwen

Did you find your coffee match or do you have your own Black Brew creation to share? Leave it down in the comments below!

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